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Indoor pollutants have proliferated in recent years, often because of modern construction techniques and home furnishings. Manufacturers often utilize hazardous materials, and consumers do not know enough about the products they buy to make informed choices. For example, fabrics that are labeled “wrinkle-resistant” are usually treated with a formaldehyde resin. Most air fresheners interfere with your ability to smell. However, it is the kitchen that is most dangerous with ammonia based cleansers and toxic laundry detergents.


But I am here to tell you that there is good news! By using the product line I now use and endorse, there exists safe, nontoxic alternatives for nearly every real need around the home. It is up to you, the consumer, to distinguish between what you really do need, and what may be considered “luxuries” that could compromise your families’ health. By taking our healthy home tour, you will receive assistance in that process.


Though at times challenging…my story is one of happiness and success. My family has experienced a significant change in that we all feel better than we did before. That alone speaks volumes of this product line. Today we enjoy breathing healthier indoor air and purchase only environmentally safe products. Your growing children are particularly vulnerable to pollutants found in and around our homes. Thousands of unhealthy substances are associated with ordinary product practices. I encourage you to look at the possibilities, as did I. You too can convert your home…simply, effectively, and conveniently without increasing your budget. Please contact us to schedule your healthy home tour.

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Dedicated to making a positive change in her household and protecting her children from harmful toxins, imagine Catherine’s relief when coming upon this unique business and it’s opportunity. “You just want to bring healthier products to your kids and have access to safe but effective cleansing products.” Already knowledgeable in the field of personal wellness and environmental awareness, this proved the perfect company given her situation. Catherine explains, “It was so refreshing to discover an excellent product line originating from a company that managed good business practices…you don’t usually get both!

The polish of the marketing program impressed Catherine. “When a product line is respectfully and uniquely marketed, it can only lead to success. In turn, it provides us the with the benefits of developing our own business from home while earning a reliable, residual income.” Right up her alley, Catherine realized she could work on what she knows and loves… while given the opportunity to make her business as big as she would choose. “This is a company with a very strong track history geared to current issues that focus on wellness and the environment.” Catherine wants people to know that everyone has a story as important as her own…but that her answer could be yours too. “Whether you’re a single mom at home, or suffering a job loss, or unable to travel to work…there are many reasons that this business will work for you too.


Today Catherine has taken this business and ‘run with it’. Recognizing her strengths and belief system were dedicated to alerting people about the danger of everyday toxins, Catherine has continued to study diligently on environmental and personal health issues. She since has become a paramount educator on the dangers of household and personal care products. Celebrated for her lectures and community involvement, Catherine’s representation of this breakthrough line of natural products has put her back on top. Enjoying a lucrative business as team leader, Catherine says, “This is a business I cannot lose, and I love the security and flexibility of working from home. It provides a full-time income with part-time hours. Plus it offers a very special bonus called freedom.”


Boasting a 20-year success story, the product line Catherine represents can be obtained via catalogue or internet. Overwhelmed by consumer demand, Catherine encourages ‘people with a passion’ to join her team and contribute to mankind and its environment. Offered, is a unique opportunity to discover success in business and experience personal achievement.



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